Sound Seeing Ypenburg during Close Encounters 3

use headphones

Close Encounters Ypenburg 3, an initiative of Artoteek Den Haag
Saterday September 9 2006
15.30 – 23.00 hour

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unplanned encounters in the sonic landscape of the drawing table:
During ‘Sound seeing Ypenburg’ sound walkers in small groups travers a fixed timed route through the brand new designed suburb of The Hague, called Ypenburg.
On their headphones they hear familiar sounds from the street, the schoolyard, from gardens behind row houses, from places which they are passing. A fictional reality is intruding, ears seem to direct the eyes. But regularly this process is interrupted by recordings Erens made in India, on similar locations. The eyes get focussed even more.

Concept and sound Cilia Erens
Photo’s Rop te Riet
Made possible by the Municipality of The Hague and Cultuurfonds BNG.