SILENCER  is a performance about remaining silent, about collective silences, in which sound plays the main role. With the use of headphones, participants find themselves in situations which literally silence them. The audience ultimately becomes part of the quietening process.
Sound artist Cilia Erens makes acoustic clips of reality. Pure, unmixed sound on headphones transports the audience to new worlds in which silence becomes audible – or threatens to be broken.

SILENCER is set on a bare floor space using minimal theatrical means. A rental service was called in for the dinner setting.  Renier Tweebeeke created the lighting design in front of and behind the curtains and the audience itself takes part in a choreography which expresses the audible presence of silent people.

After being maker and performer with the intangible theatre movement Tender, Cilia Erens became an independent sound artist in 1997. Initially she mainly created sound walks in public spaces. This time the performance takes place within the four walls of a theatre.
NB Remaining silent is a condition of attending the performance. Participants are advised not to eat lightly before a performance.

direction: Cilia Erens
dramaturgy: Robert Steyn
light/floor design: Reinier Tweebeeke
sound: Cilia Erens